VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub – Beta!

VMware is introducing an end-to-end enterprise VR solution including device, application, access, and employee experience management.

VMware have just announced Workspace ONE XR Hub available as a public beta. VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub delivers the digital workspace to VR devices, providing a simple yet secure enterprise employee experience.

This is a major step for enterprise XR as VMware is one of the leading device management and digital workspace solution providers for enterprises. So, what does this mean?

VMware is solving many of key issues that exist for production deployments of VR devices within an organisation. With Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE XR Hub, organisations now have (at least in Beta!) an end-to-end enterprise management and user experience solution for standalone VR headsets.

For IT, they can now manage VR devices like they do with phones, tablets and PCs, giving them peace of mind when asked to deploy such devices. For lines of business deploying VR software, they can control, secure and customize the experience – and meet IT’s demands.

Previously, VR standalone headsets were difficult to manage and users were presented with a confusing consumer experience. Worse yet, the devices were not secure and couldn’t be managed remotely. Many enterprises struggled to get these standalone VR devices approved for corporate use or used on the corporate networks.

Workspace ONE with Workspace ONE XR Hub allows organisations to deploy, manage and secure a VR device deployment AND provide a customized enterprise experience in VR. Workspace ONE XR Hub is an app that can be deployed to a VR device and used in kiosk mode to provide secure access to corporate applications and content.

Workspace ONE XR Hub – Secure Access To Corporate VR Apps

Figure 1: VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub – Secure, customizable kiosk mode launcher in VR

Workspace ONE XR Hub is now available in Beta at the VMware End User Computing Beta Community Site – https://beta-ea.vmware.com

VMware has supported basic management of early standalone VR devices with Workspace ONE UEM since 2019. This included VIVE Focus Plus, Pico G2 4K and Pico Neo 2.

Now with Workspace ONE XR Hub, you can not only manage VR devices but also deliver a secure, simple, and customizable enterprise experience in VR. XR Hub is integrated with Workspace ONE Access for authentication and Workspace ONE UEM for enhanced device management.

Key Features that Workspace ONE XR Hub provides are:

  • Cross Platform Support (Pico, Oculus, HTC)
  • Customizable Kiosk mode launcher
  • Secure login using corporate credentials with Workspace ONE Access
  • Multi-factor auth, conditional access and single sign-on (via Workspace ONE Tunnel)
  • Shared device check-in/check-out and more with Workspace ONE UEM integration
  • Unified App Catalog in VR
  • Launch native VR applications and content
  • Launch WebXR applications and content
  • Launch CloudXR streamed applications
  • Single sign-on access to Web, SaaS and VDI apps in VR
  • XR Hub Customization / Custom XR tutorial

In addition, as part of this Beta VMware are testing support for the latest standalone VR devices (Pico Neo 3, Oculus Quest 2 OFB) as well as compatibility with Workspace ONE Assist (for live remote support). The latest VR devices can be managed using Android Enterprise and Workspace ONE’s support for Work Managed AOSP devices.

Software Requirements

  • Workspace ONE Access
  • XR Hub Application. Available from the Beta download site.

Software Options

  • Workspace ONE UEM – for device management.
  • Workspace ONE Tunnel – for Single Sign-On
  • Workspace ONE Assist – for live remote support
  • NVIDIA CloudXR – for remote rendering / VR app streaming.
  • VMware Horizon – for VDI access or scaling a remote rendering solution.

Supported Hardware

VMware provides support of the Beta through the Beta Community Site. However, VMware Support Services do not provide support of Workspace ONE XR Hub.

For the purposes of this Beta, the following hardware works with Workspace ONE XR Hub, Workspace ONE Access, and Workspace ONE UEM. Where specified, the hardware, although functional, may not be officially supported by Workspace ONE UEM (Pico Neo 3, Oculus Quest 2 OFB).

  • HTC Vive Focus Plus™
  • Pico Neo 2™
  • Pico Neo 2 Eye™
  • Pico Neo 3™ – not officially supported by Workspace ONE UEM yet
  • Pico G2 4K™
  • Oculus Quest 2™ (Oculus for Business, firmware version 28) – not officially supported by Workspace ONE UEM yet

Not supported, but expected soon during the Beta:

  • HTC VIVE Focus 3– not officially supported by Workspace ONE UEM yet
  • Microsoft Windows compatible VR devices

Try Workspace ONE XR Hub Beta out Today!

Workspace ONE XR Hub is now available in Beta at the VMware End User Computing Beta Community Site – https://beta-ea.vmware.com

Learn more at VMware’s Digital Workspace Tech Zone