How VMware Virtual Reality Is Transforming the Workplace

Recently a new presentation was made available via YouTube from VMware around how they are using Virtual Reality to transfer their company and provide new services to colleagues, this awesome presentation shows how a large company can deploy VR at scale and what kind of use cases they are providing to their colleagues both in the office and for home workers during the pandemic.

Some of the use cases they have been looking into include:

  • Collaborations and meetings
  • Immersive Presentations
  • Events and Live Experiences
  • Field Sales Enablement
  • Remote Training and Development
  • Remote Workspaces
  • Data Visualization
  • Virtual Campuses
  • 3d Modeling and Design
  • Wellness
  • Entertainment

They highlighted how VR devices are currently aimed towards gaming and the retail market with some initial issues with delivering VR at scale in an enterprise with problems around device management, enterprise security for both the devices and applications, over the air provisioning and secure application launchers.

As part of their “VR at Work Program” and with the help of the previously announced Project VXR from VMware they were able to overcome these issues and enable VMware colleagues the ability to use Virtual Reality, this solution was managed by VMware Workspace One enabling the ability to deploy new and updated applications to the devices, allow for a secure per-app VPN connection to be made by the devices, single sign-on to their Project VXR kiosk mode app and other 3rd party integrated applications. They were even able to remotely support and assist users of the headsets by mirroring their screen to IT support staff.

I think this video is super interesting and shows how large enterprises can start to take Virtual Reality seriously with a number of key deployment issues solved by VMware software, it also gives some great examples of the use cases they provided for their VMware Colleagues, use cases that most companies could make use of, no matter what the industry.

Make sure you check out this fantastic video by presenters Josh Burton and Jal Chen.